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I divided my spiritual journey in 3 sections namely, my realization, my reflection and my transformation.
My Realization
This lockdown and pandemic has been difficult for everyone. I had to improvise to get things done without putting myself and my family at risk.  
My spiritual journey during these pandemic times grew and my faith and trust in the Lord became a priority.   
With the lockdown, I had to manage to do things by working at home.  This gave me time in the early lockdown to invite my household to join me in my 3 o’clock Divine Mercy and Rosary.  I also gave them a Bible to read in their spare time.
My Reflection
I had more time to attend recollections and Masses online and I could attend sometimes 2 to 3 Masses a day on special occasion.  
There was more time to pray and within our fingertips we could be transported to hear Mass online without having to travel through traffic.  Though, it is not the same as being in church and receiving Holy Communion, I as able to received the Holy Communion by requesting my maid who ask the priest if he could give my Mom and me the Holy Communion by using the small Eucharstic Host container. My Mom and I received it last Christmas Day and and two other occasions like New Year.  It made me realize there are many things we take for granted that we find precious these days. 
I would share with my household the reflections/recollections I have learned to increase their faith, to calm their fears and to guide them.  
I think there are more positive things that happened beautifully during this pandemic.  We became more conscious of our faith bec. times are uncertain and we can only bank on the Lord, our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph to protect us.  
Though, I have been prayerful and think of our dear Lord, our Blessed Mother, it was intensified more during this pandemic.  I had more time to reflect and ponder on how to grow better as a daughter to my mother, a wife to my husband, a mother to my children.  I also started to reflect where I can grow more in the service of the Lord by ministering to them and to others outside my family.  
My Transformation
This pandemic made me a better person.
I became aware of the needs of the people around me.  I learned that one of my maid was not yet baptized bec. she was the 11th child (her parents were not married officially) and I am now working to have her wish to be baptized come true.  I will have to give her catechism at home before she can be baptized by a priest. I am planning to start a short class together with all my maids including those baptized as a refresher course to spend time to learn our faith more deeply.
I also had more time to bond with my children and my husband and I grew to understand them more bec. I was not always in a hurry to juggle my time between work, caring for my Mom’s household needs and time for the needs of other members of the family.
I have also done works of mercy on my own and I have been more sensitive to the needs of others.
These are the Realization…Reflections…Transformation of my spiritual journey during this pandemic. 
Though, I miss my Mom terribly, I am happy to see her safe and her acceptance of staying home a big relief because she knows how dangerous it is to go out. My mother made me realize that we can be joyous inspite of everything.  
I thank God for the Gift of faith, the Gift of family, the Gift of friends like all of you and the Gift of time to share the love of Jesus to others.