Home Page of the Philippine Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Who are members of the Order?

Joining the Order means making a life time commitment to witness to the faith, practice Christian life, and carry forward charitable works for the moral and material support of the Christian communities of the Holy Land, always acting with that discretion which distinguishes Christian charitable efforts.

The purpose of joining the Order is to serve the Catholic Church and promote initiatives to preserve the Christian presence in the Holy Land in a dynamic of dialogue and peace with followers of other religious traditions. The purpose of joining the Order is not to become a member of a prestigious organization in order to boast of one’s status or acquire personal benefits and advantages.

Usually, though not always, a candidate is presented by an existing Member of the Order. The Delegate and Section President with jurisdiction over the area in question will assess the candidate at an initial interview. If his/her attributes are generally considered to meet requirements the candidate can begin a period of formation of no less than 12 months. If the candidate completes this period successfully, he/she may apply for admission to the Order through the local Lieutenancy.

Ranks in the Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Ranks of Knights

. Knight

. Knight Commander

. Knight Commander with Star

. Knight Grand Cross

Ranks of Ladies

. Lady

. Lady Commander

. Lady Commander with Star

. Lady Grand Cross

Knights and Ladies of the Collar

The Collar is conferred on the most eminent persons, ecclesiastic or lay, in the most exceptional of cases.